Event Videography

Impression Masters Event Videography

We can produce videos for many special occasions.

We can produce a variety of personal videos and we are confident you’ll find us to be the best event videographers in Tampa. We produce videos for many occasions, including graduations, weddings, bat mitzvahs, parties, and more!

  • graduations
  • weddings
  • bat mitzvahs
  • parties
  • speeches
  • ceremonies
  • sporting events
  • employment videos
  • You name it!

Wedding Videos

Here are some wedding video production samples from Impression Masters.

We offer a three camera service for the ceremony, which as you can see in the samples, captures the energy and joy of the moment in a unique way.

Wedding videography is an imporant part of our business, because it is a very imporant part of so many peoples lives. Our professional service includes the perfect balance of experience, equipment, passion and price, to turn your wedding into a timeless one.

Impression Masters offers an excellent wedding video package.

Our wedding package is a very special videography service that we take a lot of pride in producing.

A wedding is often one of the most memorable times in a persons life, trust the professional staff of Impression Masters to capture your special day and make it easy and affordable for you to watch, and enjoy again and again.

Capturing a wedding with photos is wonderful but each photo holds only but a brief moment in time. A professionally filmed and beautifully presented wedding video collection by Impression Masters Videography, will allow the Bridge and Groom to relive every moment of the special occasion. We have lots of experience in film, however we offer an extra special touch and level of service for our wedding package. We film the event with three cameras, and our staff is excellent at making everyone feel at ease and truly part of the production.

Our combination of  skill, experience and three cameras allows us to offer the best value total wedding video package in the Tampa Bay area.

The Impression Masters Wedding Video Collection Package is filmed and presented with these three main parts:
The CeremonyReception and a third segment of your choice:

  • “Love Story”
  • “Picture Montage”
  • “Video Montage”
  • “Bride and Groom Preparation”

We offer all of this for just $1,500.
If you want to add any of the additional segments, it is is only ad additional $400.

Also unlike most videography companies we can also do the wedding in high definition for an additional $1,500. This makes for a life like event with levels of crispness and detail that have to be seen to be appreciated.

We use two cameramen in all cases and logistics permitting, we add a third stationary camera during the ceremony. Two cameras are employed for the reception. All weddings are authored with creative menus,  music of your choice and special artistic touches with music are always a part of what we do. Something special and unique is our trademark signature.

Call us at (813) 877-2118 to schedule your wedding video service or email us with any questions you may have.

Employment Videos

Create your own Employment Video for Distribution to Targeted Organizations

There is no better way to attreact the attention of Employers by sending your own Personal video with your resume. By being able to see and hear you, Employers can easily determine if they want to grant an interview. Therefore the responses you get are more likely to result in a positive outcome while those who not respond save you the time of what more likely would be a failed interview.

You can count on the fact that we will present you in the most favorable light possible and you can rely on us to provide a script which is accurate and professional in every way.

We can produce employment videos for virtually any career orientation.